[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Tue Feb 8 13:58:21 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I have been following this thread with interest, but I am afraid is is not 
leading toa real solution, but rather to another "per casse solution", that 
makes drupal more and more inconsistant. 
Here is my proposed solution, that I built up from a philosofy, after looking 
at various other CMS and even desktop configuration systems. 
It should be a well balanced solution that takes into conssideration: 
Roles, tasks and most importantly frequency of visits to pages. after all: one 
needs to change the cache settings only very few times, while path moderation 
will happen more frequent.
PLease, I have asked it very often: give some feedback on this, I would like 
to proceed. 
So far I have only received very few (but very good) feedback. One is to 
rename the "Moderate" menu into something more meaningfull.

Also note, that I now changed the permissions: Everyone who is registered 
there will see the menus/structure as it should be. Anonymous users will not.


Op dinsdag 8 februari 2005 10:10, schreef Andre Molnar:
> Andre Molnar wrote:
> > Dries Buytaert wrote:
> >  > I like the idea but it's hard to evaluate without being able to see it
> >  > in action.
> >
> > I'll implement it on my demo site and post when its ready - I'll roll a
> > patch if it looks good to you.
> Dries,
> Attached is a screen shot of what I have done on my demo site with the
> user module menus.
> Notes:
> 1) I know 'list' seems to be the standard default local task name, but I
> hope everyone can see that the 3 tabs named 'users' 'roles' and
> 'configure' are much more clear.
> 2) I know that 'add user' doesn't look all that sharp, but everyone
> should keep in mind that local tasks and secondary local tasks are
> themable (i.e. if you don't like the way it looks you can do something
> about it).
> If people think that this makes sense, I will roll a full patch.  I am
> actually in the middle of cleaning up a number of items in 'user.module'
> that I came across while working out the menus. (e.g. I've fixed broken
> help text links and I am noticing a few coding inconsistencies in this
> module that I hope to improve).
> Also look for a patch to menu.inc - I found a tiny bug in the way local
> task menus are created.
> andre
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