[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Tue Feb 8 14:24:12 UTC 2005

> http://consistent.drupaldevs.org/node

> It should be a well balanced solution that takes into conssideration: 
> Roles, tasks and most importantly frequency of visits to pages. after all: one 
> needs to change the cache settings only very few times, while path moderation 
> will happen more frequent.
I agree.

> PLease, I have asked it very often: give some feedback on this, I would like 
> to proceed. 
> So far I have only received very few (but very good) feedback. One is to 
> rename the "Moderate" menu into something more meaningfull.

I hope mine will get into the meaningful feadback category.

First what I like:
* mainly the logical structure. I like that.
* the separation between content navigation, content management and site
administration works for me. They clearly separate the concerns, when
working with a website.

Comments/not sure about:
* I would personally upgrade the permissions and access rules sub-menus
to their own administration section -security or something similar.
   **From a sysadmin's point of view security is a major concern. These
settings may not be changed frequently, but are reviewed on a regular
   **There may be add-on modules providing different realms, requiring
some, yet unknown, configuration mechanism, a security menu will give
them a good place to live.
* I concur with the Moderate-> to something better 
    "Content Management"? 
* I'm not sure about the logs being in the Navigation menu
  **Logs and statistics generally are of major interest to website
husbandry. Log analysis and the related activities are not akin to
navigating content, searching for content, website help. They are
different. I would suggest relocating them to Administer, or
them living in their own block. This would be dependent on what 
statistics Drupal will provide by default.

Vladimir Zlatanov <vlado at dikini.net>

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