[drupal-devel] settings inconsistencies

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Tue Feb 8 14:48:58 UTC 2005


Thanks for the feedback.

> First what I like:
> * mainly the logical structure. I like that.
> * the separation between content navigation, content management and site
> administration works for me. They clearly separate the concerns, when
> working with a website.

Good to hear.

> Comments/not sure about:
> * I would personally upgrade the permissions and access rules sub-menus
> to their own administration section -security or something similar.
> Why?
>    **From a sysadmin's point of view security is a major concern. These
> settings may not be changed frequently, but are reviewed on a regular
> basis.
>    **There may be add-on modules providing different realms, requiring
> some, yet unknown, configuration mechanism, a security menu will give
> them a good place to live.

I had that in my original plan. But decided to move it to the adminster 
section. Why?
* Sysadmins are in most cases the user admins too. thoise few large sistes 
that have different roles for site- and user admin can move the menus 

But lets say this is open for discussion still, Anyone any ideas on this?

> * I concur with the Moderate-> to something better
>     "Content Management"?
All the other blocks and items are verbs. The reason is that you can read the 
task aloud:
Administer > layout = "adminster layout"
Moderate > content = moderate content. etc. 
Content management is not a verb. I would like to keep them all verbs. For 

> * I'm not sure about the logs being in the Navigation menu
Me too. But I could not find a better place. 

>   **Logs and statistics generally are of major interest to website
> husbandry. Log analysis and the related activities are not akin to
> navigating content, searching for content, website help. They are
> different. I would suggest relocating them to Administer, or
> them living in their own block. This would be dependent on what
> statistics Drupal will provide by default.

Adminstration is a worst place, IMHO. We do *not* administer the logs, we 
browse, investigate or view them, but never adminster tyhm. 

Still open for suggestions here, anyone any good ideas on this?

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