[drupal-devel] Trailing slash problem

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Wed Feb 9 06:33:24 UTC 2005

I'm developing a module to search a newspaper index database.  All is 
proceeding fairly well, and the functionality I've implemented so far works -- 
except for one small oddity that I am having trouble chasing down.

Has anyone seen anything like the following before?

If I go to my search form, e.g. http://localhost/newspaper, and fill in some 
search keys and hit submit, I get the same page back, and the form filled in, 
but no results.  However, the URL is changed to have a trailing "/", that is: 
  http://localhost/newspaper/.  If I just hit submit again, the search works 
perfectly and returns results.

In other words, the search does not work unless the trailing "/" is on the 
URL, and I can't tell why, or what is appending it there.

I'm sure it's a simple typo someplace.  I've combed through the code a few 
times without success.  My module itself does not alter the URL, so it's a 
side effect of probably something in common.inc or menu.inc, I'm thinking.


Chris Johnson

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