[drupal-devel] How are patches to branches handled?

Scott Courtney scott at 4th.com
Sun Feb 13 20:51:48 UTC 2005

On Saturday 12 February 2005 23:09, K B wrote:
> So what is the point of Scott and Goba (as examples, not to pick on
> anyone), fixing something in 4.5?

I fixed the 4.5 branch rather than HEAD because, at present, I'm using a mix
of 4.4 and 4.5 on my sites, and I'm developing for 4.5 at work. I know 4.6 is
soon to be released, but my production sites won't upgrade immediately and
will stay with 4.5 for a month or two. I don't yet have a HEAD test site
running to play with, and don't have time right now to create it.

(I know you weren't intending to pick on me, K.B., but you asked a reasonable
question and I felt it deserved an answer.)

Sorry my question stirred up this hornet's nest. I wasn't aware that the release
process for a contributed module was that complicated, and I just assumed that
I had done something wrong in my CVS commit. I didn't know that "project" was
a downstream gatekeeper as well. Now I do, so no problem. :-)


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