[drupal-devel] contrib module release creation?

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Feb 14 09:39:32 UTC 2005

>> Well, you need to dig into the sourcode of the releases.inc (or 
>> whathever it is called) file in project module, to find out how 
>> releases are created. I expect that it should be created once you have 
>> a 4.4. branch. If you had that before, but removed it, then you hit a 
>> bug in project module, which noone fixed yet (releases are not 
>> recreated). Then you need to contact Dries.
> Ok, either there is a bug preventing me from ever getting/seeing the 
> "add a release" menu, or my account and/or project is configured 
> incorrectly -- but I sure can't find any setting that *I* can change to 
> fix this.
> Note that I don't see the "delete a release" option either, but was able 
> to delete my 4.5 release by hacking in the proper URI in my browser, and 
> I can edit the text of a releae, so it does not appear to be simple role 
> permission problem.
> I also don't see the track subtabs in my account view either, as I do in 
> others who have projects.  Could that be related?

Noone knows better than the one who checks the sourcecode as I pointed out:



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