[drupal-devel] contribs -- another idea

Negyesi Karoly karoly at negyesi.net
Fri Feb 18 14:31:47 UTC 2005


I propose that contribs be broken into two repository. One of them is 
sandbox, no restrictions neither projects. Everyone may get access. 
However, those who want to contrib modules, their work shall be reviewed by 
a few people -- much fewer things shall be in contribs. A board shall 
review the current modules directory, contact authors of overlapping ones 
and long-not-refreshed and act accordingly.

When we talked about this on IRC, walkah asked whether my hand is up. I 
answered yes, and this remains so.

I will be in Antwerp next Friday and I will be happy to discuss this 
further. Or in Brussels during the 'Con.

Hope to see you all!

Károly Négyesi

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