[drupal-devel] Project management contribs: Bundles: grouped modules.

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Fri Feb 18 17:43:50 UTC 2005

> Okay let's not loose focus. 
> A summary:
> We agree on the poitn that we need:
>  * a closed contribs section (official)
>  * an open contribs section (sanbox)
> We disagree (or so it seems) on how to mamange the closed contribs. 
> * I say we should bundle them by functionality,
> * You are saying we need some rating for them. 
> * WE all say we need to pass modules trough a team of contrib maintainers 
> before they are allowed in the closed sesction. 
> * We should not forget that we actually have such a closed & open system, but 
> too little people actually use it: All specific and unfinshed code *must* be 
> in /sandbox/yourname/
> Only releasable modules should be in contribs. 
> Only finshed modules should be taggted for a Drupal release. 
> PPl. seem to disagree a lot about when it the last two points are applicable. 

Well, sometime last year there was a policy change of pushing 
development stage modules into /modules, and not into the sandboxes, 
since a lot of interesting stuff was buried in sandboxes back then. 
Since CVS allows people to tag their modules, and modules should only 
have a stable (non-HEAD) tag if they are useable, this policy change 
seemed to be a good idea. However this did not solve the functionality 
duplication problem you mention with the bundles...

> So: We do not disagree, But I am saying that we should go a bit further than 
> only closed contribs: Thats where I am talking abou "combining". I meant to 
> "combine" the bundles and close-open contribs ideas. 

What about cross-dependant modules? Like a cssvault type site, which 
links images to outside sites. It would need the image bundle (more 
image management then what core offers), and the link management (like 
broken link checking, etc). Where would such a module live?


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