[drupal-devel] Modules up for adoption

Mark Howell mark at nullcraft.org
Fri Feb 18 23:03:01 UTC 2005

> I was interested in the moblog module but after investigating things I
> found that the functions are country specific. Sweden/scandanavia
> systems are so different from others that I would not be able to
> accomodate non-nordic gsm systems. Even the U.K. is not very close.
> I would be interested in taking a look at the code though. But I would
> have to take things in another direction to get more coverage. I
> propose taking the functionality over to SMS-to-email or SMS-to-forum
> and use WAP as the common ground. So the use of the mimetype module
> would be unnecessary.

Though still a "post-by-phone" feature, I think if you were going to use
WAP instead of email for the post method, you might want to start from
scratch.  The moblog module is little more than a mail client and
attachment formatter/downloader specific to MIME attachments.
> I am still investigating services to see if there is much commonality
> in the American and Euro implemetations of SMS.
I would be interested to hear about how the various wireless services work
in Europe.  I can tell you that from my research, most carriers in the US
provide some form of email gateway for text/binary messages.
> I am just posting this
> to make sure that you don't put it in the grave before I finish my
> research.
No, if it meets its grave it will happen through neglect as opposed to any
direct action on my part.  I haven't lost interest, just time.

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