[drupal-devel] Project management contribs: Bundles: grouped modules.

Gerhard Killesreiter killesreiter at physik.uni-freiburg.de
Sat Feb 19 07:03:37 UTC 2005

On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Moshe Weitzman wrote:

> > No, I think we should not talk about contrib *maintainers*, but more
> > as a
> > contrib door-guards. Those deciding what goes in, what not. Those
> > keeping the
> > heads together on what is happening, but mostly those that know who is
> > doing
> > what in these "official" contribs.
> it is quite possible that we don't have enough qualified developers
> with enough time on their hands to perform code checking and
> functionality checking for this. If you look at the patch queue, it is
> quite common for *noone* to review a given patch, and we just let dries
> do it. i would think that Contrib code would be even less worthy of
> review. I'm not opposed to the 'door guard' arrangement, i am just
> skeptical that people will do what they promised.

I share your concern. We should, however, at least check sql queries for
insertion vulnerabilities. Having Drupal modules which cause major havoc
is not acceptable.

I would also not split up the cvs repositories. Moving projects around
from sandbox to contrib (and maybe back) will break the cvs history.
I prefer to handle this through the website by de-moderating project

> the beauty of a rating system is that the whole community decides
> merit, and we don't need dedicated roles. it is true that ratings
> doesn't address the full range of issues that we want to solve here
> though.

I like this approach too. We should try it and see what happens.


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