[drupal-devel] Project management contribs: Bundles: grouped modules.

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Sat Feb 19 04:54:09 UTC 2005

> No, I think we should not talk about contrib *maintainers*, but more 
> as a
> contrib door-guards. Those deciding what goes in, what not. Those 
> keeping the
> heads together on what is happening, but mostly those that know who is 
> doing
> what in these "official" contribs.

it is quite possible that we don't have enough qualified developers 
with enough time on their hands to perform code checking and 
functionality checking for this. If you look at the patch queue, it is 
quite common for *noone* to review a given patch, and we just let dries 
do it. i would think that Contrib code would be even less worthy of 
review. I'm not opposed to the 'door guard' arrangement, i am just 
skeptical that people will do what they promised.

the beauty of a rating system is that the whole community decides 
merit, and we don't need dedicated roles. it is true that ratings 
doesn't address the full range of issues that we want to solve here 

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