[drupal-devel] OSCOM info on Drupal

Ross Kendall drupal at rosskendall.com
Sat Feb 19 11:34:41 UTC 2005

Not sure if anyone else here pays much attention to what goes on with 
OSCOM (www.oscom.org)?

I have been on their mailing list for a while (couple of years), nothing 
much usually goes on though, but recently they were asking if there were 
RSS feeds for Open Source Content Management systems that they should 
include in there aggregated Blog page http://planet.oscom.org/

I suggested the Drupal feed, which has now been added, so you can now 
see Drupal front page posts along with Plone, EZ, OpenACS, Midgard, etc. 

One thing, the Drupal information page in the 'CMS Matrix' 
http://www.oscom.org/matrix/drupal.html does not have any useful 
information (although most of them don't).

Does anyone have any good suggestions for what could go here?  Like a 
concise summary of features that would be helpful and understandable for 
people comparing CMSs (like http://www.oscom.org/matrix/lenya.html )


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