[drupal-devel] Internationalization, Usability and changes in the coding conventions

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 19 19:27:41 UTC 2005

I had forgotten about the use of t() but that is not a problem when diog
this. Since the common.inc is not involved any longer the pratical use
of t() and in keeping with the use of gettext in the contrib module
would be:

print theme("page", message_access(t('Please login or register to see
this material')), t("Access denied"));

This means that the core item common.inc only has to be changed once to
allow for the (default or variable) and would never need a PO file or
gettext. This is a pick up in performance for common.inc that offsets
any losses for a call to a string variable.

Carl McDade

Bèr Kessels wrote:
> 1) whats wrong with t()? Its the default in a lot of environments, its 
> use has 
> been weighted, and proven bets.
> 2) if you encounter any non-translated strings, that is  a bug. Please 
> report 
> these bugs.
> Bèr

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