[drupal-devel] conf.php missing in cvs

Carl McDade carl_mcdade at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 23 09:25:04 UTC 2005

I guess I am going to have to work with the docs team on this. I missed
this because there is no "Upgrade" text and the present text is
confusing. The settings.php should be under
"installation->configuration". Who is charge of this? anyone mind if I
go through and make it more user friendly?

Carl McDade

Adrian Simmons wrote:
> Carl McDade wrote:
>> I downloaded the latest cvs and could not find a conf.php. When Ireid 
> to
>> use the conf.php from 4.5 branch there was no connection made. the
>> variables were not being filled. What's going on with this?
> By that I mean the upgrade instructions in INSTALL :)
> Things have changed due to the multisite capabilities drupal now has, 
> you'll find settings.php in sites/default.

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