[drupal-devel] *Begging* for checkbox to moderation pages

Richard Bennett richard.b at gritechnologies.com
Fri Feb 25 08:13:20 UTC 2005

On Friday 25 February 2005 06:54, Abalieno wrote:
> To understand why I'm asking this you have too see this picture:
> http://www.cesspit.net/misc/spam.gif
> Now all that is *already* in the moderation queue, so it's not published.
> But I absolutely need a way to delete all that crap. It spans various pages
> and it would take me HOURS to delete each message one by one.
> Please, can someone build a small patch to apply to Drupal 4.5.2 that adds
> checkboxes to each comment so that I can wipe all that with one action?
Don't you have the spam module installed? It would auto-block all of that 
after you told it the first one was spam:


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