[drupal-devel] New image.module

Stefan Nagtegaal Drupal-Devel at Frontaal-Online.com
Sun Feb 27 12:28:13 UTC 2005

After having studied more and more of the new image(-api|.module), i 
have some concerns, which are:
- We currently assume that everybody has at least GD 2.0, which is a bad 
thing imo.
  Imo we should move the GD 2.0 functions like 
image_gd_(settings|resize|rotate|crop|open|close) into a separate 
image.gd2.inc and make a image.gd1.inc file. just like we did for the 
ImageMagick, which currently lives in silence under Walkah's Sandbox...

I thought a little more about the fact how we should be able to override 
the standard way how thumbnails/photo's are generated. (Think about how 
to accomplish something like this: 

In my opinion this _really_ is a theme issue, so it would be nicef there 
could be a way how we can deal with this in that place.. But, I'm sure 
that this needs more thought..
In the meanwhile everybody is free to rewrite and modify a 
image.$name.inc file which does exactly what you want..
Still, I think that's not quite optimal...

I am looking forward to your answers and opinions about this...


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