[drupal-devel] New image.module

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Sun Feb 27 23:17:35 UTC 2005

Op zondag 27 februari 2005 13:28, schreef Stefan Nagtegaal:
> After having studied more and more of the new image(-api|.module), i
> have some concerns, which are:
> - We currently assume that everybody has at least GD 2.0, which is a bad
> thing imo.
>   Imo we should move the GD 2.0 functions like
> image_gd_(settings|resize|rotate|crop|open|close) into a separate
> image.gd2.inc and make a image.gd1.inc file. just like we did for the
> ImageMagick, which currently lives in silence under Walkah's Sandbox...
We should always offer the most used as default. People on old hosts should 
just read a little on how to get gd1 running.

> In my opinion this _really_ is a theme issue, so it would be nicef there
> could be a way how we can deal with this in that place.. But, I'm sure
> that this needs more thought..
Definately not!. 
* Imagine an MP3: If you want  to present only a snippet of that file, you 
need to edit it. Nothing to do with themes. This case is very similar to what 
you do in the oude-doos. It is definately an image editing function. 
* on output editing of images is very bad. Something like your oude-doos 
should never ve done on-output.

> In the meanwhile everybody is free to rewrite and modify a
> image.$name.inc file which does exactly what you want..
> Still, I think that's not quite optimal...
What is not optimal about it? The method of working, or the module system?

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