[drupal-devel] New module nameing.

Aran Clary Deltac aran at arandeltac.com
Mon Feb 28 18:40:48 UTC 2005

> Alan,
> The amazon* developers and I got together to merge the modules into a more
> obvious package: reducing code - and feature duplication. One of the
> authors
> is going to make a book-somthing module, to handle a bookstore.
> please come back to me if you would like to join us, we will then CC you
> as
> well. In the mean time, development of this so-called bundle is in
> contrib/snadboxes/amazon.

Sure, include me in the discussion.  If this new amazon module can be
designed to not be dependent upon amazon, that would be great!  There are
lots of other online retailers like borders, powells, etc.  Much like a
payment gateway module that can plug in to authorize.net, paypal, etc.


> Op zondag 27 februari 2005 18:18, schreef Aran Clary Deltac:
>> I had considered that as well, but neither the "Amazon items" or the
>> "Amazon search" modules provide a similar functionality.  Yes, both
>> display links to books, but neither of them do so as nodes.  Although, I
>> could see addding the Ability to use Amazon in addition to Powell's for
>> providing the purchase button, description, and image of the book.

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