[drupal-devel] Album/Gallery Module proposal.

das1 moejoe16.geo at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 16 01:45:31 UTC 2005

Since I was unable to get in contact with someone who
is writing a full fledged gallery/album module for
drupal, I decided to try and write my own. I made a
list of everything that i wanted it to do, and this is
what I came up with. Let me know what you think.

Album/Gallery Module

Goal: Every user will not only be able to create their
own blog but also their own photo galleries. These
galleries must be easy to create. Users should not
have to learn about taxonomy. Folksonomy should be
enabled but not required. It also should be possible
to list names or users that are present in the
pictures or who own the pics (can be used to generate
virtual galleries on the fly of pictures with a
certain user or person, and it can be used to send

-User based galleries

-can organized by folksonomy

-organized by user (by hand or mass upload) into
albums and images are not required to have the same
taxonomy terms to do this. 

-Virtual Galleries generated on the fly based on
timestamp of image (provided jhead is installed)
and/or taxonomy term(s) and/or folksonomy term(s)
and/or user who posted.

-Albums are containers that can contain other albums.

-mass upload via zipped or tar.gzed pictures (just a
feature I want but I think this is already going to be
a part of image.module and does not belong in an album

-Personal images should be stored in their own
directories organized by user. (ie images/username)

-Image deletion should be able to happen on a massive
scale (ie all by user, all by album)

I also think clicking Image Galleries should list
users with Image galleries not the image galleries
themselves. I would also list how many albums and
pictures they have.

I am new to the drupal system so my work will progress
slowly (that and I have a hard schedule at the
university, but lack a real job so i need something to
fill the time). If there is someone already working on
this, I would be glad to help instead of starting a
new project. I also want input so I will not be
working against the grain (or hacking up what I
shouldn't be). 

Thanks for your time,
moejoe16.geo at yahoo.com

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