[drupal-devel] Introduction and Questions

Steven Wittens steven at acko.net
Tue Jan 18 20:49:22 UTC 2005

>I've read the contributors guide, which states I should "and then notify the
>contributions manager to request a review of your work before posting". I
>can't see anything that tells me how to go about this, so I am assuming the
>method is to post to the list? Should I check into contributions before
>review to have it somewhere to be reviewed, or post it in some other form
>somewhere? Or does "before posting" mean before filling in the form to list
>under modules?
>I have attached the module in a RAR, I hope this won't cause too much
>offence, it is less than 1kb.
Yeah the "contributions manager" thing should probably be changed to 
something clearer. You can commit anything you think is reasonable into 
the contrib repository (and of course within the rules), but it won't 
show up on Drupal.org until you create a project and have it approved by 
one of the people with the mojo to do this.

Your module seems okay, granted it's also very short ;). I have two 
- You search for the string "livejournal" in the server name, which 
would include more than the real livejournal.com. Using a regexp 
anchored to the end is probably a better idea (e.g. 
'/livejournal\.com$/i'). Granted, this issue will probably never pop up, 
but it's still nice to be exact.
- There are a couple of things that don't fit the Drupal code style (a 
couple of spaces and a brace). This doesn't matter for the contributions 
repository, as they are not required there, but if you plan on 
submitting core patches later, it might be a good idea to start with 
good habits.

If you want a review next time, it's probably best to just commit it to 
the repository and ask on this list. The people here are almost all 
developers, so keep that in mind. If you want to reach general Drupal 
users, try the forums instead.

As far as attachments go, if they are small (like yours) then it's 
acceptable, though I would suggest using .tar.gz or .zip instead of .rar 
as they are more widespread.

Steven Wittens

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