[drupal-devel] Introduction and Questions

Michael Jervis mike at fuckingbrit.com
Wed Jan 19 07:24:24 UTC 2005

>Your module seems okay, granted it's also very short ;)

Now I've got to go and buy a sports car or something to compensate...

But seriously, unless I was to implement the entire livejournal xml rpc api
in the module, there isn't really anything to add.

>- You search for the string "livejournal" in the server name,
>which would include more than the real livejournal.com.
>Using a regexp anchored to the end is probably a better idea

Well, I have to admit to personal reasons for not using a regex and just
using a stristr. I want users to be able to login to my site as just
user at livejournal.

I was thinking about the blogger authentication module, there are other big
sites that support the blogger api. Would it be "best" in Drupal convention
terms to:

1) Provide a map of $server -> $url in an array (for example) within the
module to handle the different paths? (i.e. modblog.com uses /?remote as the


2) Provide a different authentication module for each service with a
different url?

>- There are a couple of things that don't fit the Drupal code style

Oops. I can't run the code-style.pl, no perl.

I've corrected the bracing on the if's and the spaces in the xmlrpc
constructors. Was there anything else?

Thanks for the feedback,

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