[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Jan 19 10:44:37 UTC 2005

> You may have these packages and know how to use them, but a gross
> majority of Drupal users a) won't have access or the means to see
> these stats b) won't be able to install these packages (ie hosted
> installs) c) won't want to go to a separate place to find out how
> their website is performing.
> With all due respect, I understand where you guys are coming from and
> saying that Drupal should report on Drupal, but I do think that the
> watchdog module is somewhat limited to a more general audience that
> may not have access to third party solution (for whatever reason).
> Therefore, if I can find someone to help code, I will gladly help
> reform the current watchdog module into something a little more
> robust, nimble and Tuftesque.
> Any takers?

Chris, it would be nice to keep the watchdog/statistics module simple, 
and only provide the means for contrib modules to extend their 
functionality. That is eg. store the browser identification string, but 
only for a contrib module to use and parse. That way those developers 
who would use external stat solutions anyway would not be forced to load 
code, see the links on the inteface, and otherwise meet with the 
advanced builtin stat functionality.


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