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Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Wed Jan 19 12:30:05 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 19 januari 2005 10:33, schreef Dries Buytaert:
> REMINDER: I'm freezing Drupal HEAD on February 1th.  That is only _two_
> weeks from now!  I've seen a lot of usability ideas/talks lately, but so
> far, only very few materialized and made it into CVS.  I truly hope that
> we can include more usability improvements in Drupal 4.6 because it will
> take at least another 6 months before Drupal 4.7 gets out!

If its up to me, there wont be a lot of improvemnts in Core in 4.6. The reason 
is simeple: WE need guidelines we all agree upon *above all*.
I know talk is silver code is gold. But that is *the exact* reason drupal is 
so messy right now: Everyone opesn his PHP editor, codes away, focussing on 
speed, efficency and nice code. Which is good. But coders nearly always seem 
to forget to look at themeability and useability. Simply because its not in 
their line of interest (often)

So thats what the meeting in Antwerp will be about:
1) get a set of useability guidelines for drupal [1] 
2) create a HIG, or at least the frame for that HIG
3) make a list of useabilty todos [2]

[1] in lines of:
"A configuration page should not have foos, only a bar should suffice. In case 
you really need bar, use new configuration screens" etc. 
These should be rules/guidelines we can stick people (developers) to when 
reviewing code. IT should hit backwards too: we should file bugs against all 
code that does not meet these rules (which explains [2])

Because of all this, we really need talk, agreements and ideas. Not code. So 
if you want useabiltiy code into 4.6, youve got a huge pile of work to do.

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