[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Moshe Weitzman weitzman at tejasa.com
Wed Jan 19 12:49:41 UTC 2005

> If its up to me, there wont be a lot of improvemnts in Core in 4.6. The reason 
> is simeple: WE need guidelines we all agree upon *above all*.
> I know talk is silver code is gold. But that is *the exact* reason drupal is 
> so messy right now: Everyone opesn his PHP editor, codes away, focussing on 
> speed, efficency and nice code. Which is good. But coders nearly always seem 
> to forget to look at themeability and useability. Simply because its not in 
> their line of interest (often)

I disagree.

It is great that you want to lead a team to write HIG for Drupal. I hope 
you succceed in publishing those. But to stop development until these HIG 
are published is silly. The HIG are vaporware, just like all the promised 
patches to add "ADODB layer" or "comments as nodes" or "groupware" or 

Drupal is not "so messy" IMO. It is so clean. Have you looked at other 
similar projects? I suppose this is a matter of taste.

Coders who want to contribute to core don't just just focus on "speed, 
efficiency, and nice code" if they want to get their patch accepted. You 
have to get everything exactly right. You have to use a form group around 
multiple related controls, you have to use css in a sparse manner, you 
have to use a sortable table when data might want to be sorted. And so on. 
Skip any of those steps (and many more) and the patch languishes.

> Because of all this, we really need talk, agreements and ideas. Not code. So 
> if you want useabiltiy code into 4.6, youve got a huge pile of work to do.

Talk is fine, but I discourage getting in the way of the code until HIG is 
non vaporware.

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