[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Wed Jan 19 13:00:50 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 19 januari 2005 13:49, schreef Moshe Weitzman:
> > If its up to me, there wont be a lot of improvemnts in Core in 4.6. The
> > reason is simeple: WE need guidelines we all agree upon *above all*.
> > I know talk is silver code is gold. But that is *the exact* reason drupal
> > is so messy right now: Everyone opesn his PHP editor, codes away,
> > focussing on speed, efficency and nice code. Which is good. But coders
> > nearly always seem to forget to look at themeability and useability.
> > Simply because its not in their line of interest (often)
> I disagree.
> It is great that you want to lead a team to write HIG for Drupal. I hope
> you succceed in publishing those. But to stop development until these HIG
> are published is silly. The HIG are vaporware, just like all the promised
> patches to add "ADODB layer" or "comments as nodes" or "groupware" or
> "webdav".

It is indeed still vapourware, but vapurware that starts too look 
promising. :)

> Drupal is not "so messy" IMO. It is so clean. Have you looked at other
> similar projects? I suppose this is a matter of taste.

We should  never, ever say: "we are better then others, thus we can stop 
improving". Thats sillyness. 

And if i compare drupal to some closed source CMSes i've seen, or to 
blogger.com or other /services/ we have a very, very long road to go, 

> Coders who want to contribute to core don't just just focus on "speed,
> efficiency, and nice code" if they want to get their patch accepted. You
> have to get everything exactly right. You have to use a form group around
> multiple related controls, you have to use css in a sparse manner, you
> have to use a sortable table when data might want to be sorted. And so on.
> Skip any of those steps (and many more) and the patch languishes.

Maybe now, yes. But that does not count for contributions. And worse: it does 
not count for all those silly things that are still in core from long ago. 
Just look at the node-submission page: it is messy, and one cannot reaaly 
change it, at least not in a theme. Those are things I am talking about, when 
talking about the mess. But theres much more.

> Talk is fine, but I discourage getting in the way of the code until HIG is
> non vaporware.

I never meant my comment as "do not code untill we have the HIG ready". I 
meant it as: "rather help us getting the guuidelines together, then do all 
this by yourself"
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