[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Jan 19 13:00:52 UTC 2005

> Drupal is not "so messy" IMO. It is so clean. Have you looked at other 
> similar projects? I suppose this is a matter of taste.

I also don't think it is messy, at least not more then other similar 
projects :)

> Coders who want to contribute to core don't just just focus on "speed, 
> efficiency, and nice code" if they want to get their patch accepted. You 
> have to get everything exactly right. You have to use a form group 
> around multiple related controls, you have to use css in a sparse 
> manner, you have to use a sortable table when data might want to be 
> sorted. And so on. Skip any of those steps (and many more) and the patch 
> languishes.

I also experienced this while my submitted messy locale interface plan 
was up for review, there was a lot of criticism on the UI, and finally a 
quite useable result ended up in Drupal. True, the guidelines we 
followed while fixing useability problems in that interface were not set 
on paper, and were probably not as clean as those that are going to be 
shaped. So I would only opt for saying that Drupal is good and is going 
to be better, not that it is messy and it needs to be good at least :)


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