[drupal-devel] settings

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Wed Jan 19 14:29:55 UTC 2005

>>settings are locate IMHO. Where else would those general configuration
>>options go, if you eradicate the settings menu item? Is it that easy?
> Maybe one level up.

Ehem, one level up is /admin. That is the watchdog overview page you see 
when you go into the admin area. Do you intend to modify those settings 
on all ocassions you go into the admin area? Or would you like to make 
it a tab on the /admin page? That might not be a bad idea after all :) 
Well. Hm.

> But now I am joining Ber Kessels, 'cos he has good ideas, with a far wider 
> horizont than I do...

Good luck :)


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