[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Wed Jan 19 17:17:01 UTC 2005

Op woensdag 19 januari 2005 17:51, schreef Steven Wittens:
> I also think that your current view of the average Drupal developer is a
> bit silly: most of the patches committed lately have involved at least
> some UI developments and improvements. In fact, I've noticed that aside
> from performance patches, the code structure is very rarely brought up
> in patch review, and the UI is the main discussion point.

Totally agreed. There have been a lot of improvements lately. But none of them 
are structural. All these improvements take one small part and improve it. 
Most of the time (thats good) towards more consistancy. But no-one seems to 
really know what this consistancy is.
My scope is wider /and/ deeper. I want to go both ways: A document (needs not 
to be long, especially if we are consistent we need to deescribve only fewer 
cases) but also better APIs.

So to summarise: These node mockups by chris are great, but really very far 
away, IMO. For sure someone could code them. But my point is: we are not yett 
ready for such code, because that same person would then need to re-code 
every case for every role, with every nodeapi-extension in mind. No, my point 
is: we need to agree first on how these screens in general should behave and 
look (the wider scope) and then re-code the nodeapi calls to suit them 
(deeper scope).

Its good. We are really very far down the road of having good UIs, but we 
still have along way to go too. 
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