[drupal-devel] ShortStat for Drupal

Paul Byrne paul at leafish.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 14:25:18 UTC 2005

Neil Drumm wrote:

> And yes, drupal rewrites the urls. You should pull up .htaccess and the
> Apache manual if you want to figure it out. Or use the full url, which
> is not rewritten because Drupal sees that something else is there that
> it should not interfere with.

Understood, but if you check the source I *am* using a full URL, albeit 
one to a subdomain of the domain drupal is running on. The source 
clearly states:

<a href="http://stats.babylonleaf.com/">public stats</a>

So its got to be down to referrer, as entering the URL into the address 
bar takes me to the correct page. However, how does drupal pick up the 
link? Something must be going on client-side, as far as I can see.



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