[drupal-devel] Dealing with spam (was rel=nofollow)

mike at fuckingbrit.com mike at fuckingbrit.com
Sat Jan 22 07:43:35 UTC 2005

>That was ecactly my concern and idea. I found that on all my sites that
>hit by spam (the five sites I maintain) the spam was exactly the same. My 
>most popular of the five was hit first. But the other four had to be
>to handle the *exact same spam messages*. 

I'm being increasingly convinced by the idea of sharing spam as a feed.

I've started step one of the process, which is importing the MT blacklist.
This has a similar effect I think to sharing the spam. And is an easy first
step as the infrastructure (i.e. the central blacklist and update feeds)
already exists. I'm about 90% through coding the module (just got to do the
actual insert and delete. And check it all works, this is only my second
module and the first was only two hooks...).

The second step is a second module. I'm thinking this should:

1) Provide an MT masterlist format (all their formats) feed of all MT items
the site knows.
2) Provide a feed of all spam_custom entries in an RSS (based) feed.
3) Provide a feed of all spam_token entries in an RSS (based) feed.
4) Provide a feed of all trapped spam in an RSS feed.
5) Provide an XML-RPC push/pull mechanism for harvesting the above
6) Provide the ability to turn on/off each of the above.
7) Provide the ability to require a specific permission for each of the

I'm still not certain of the need to keep any of the first 4 items as
secured private things. Keeping them open allows us to easily share with
everyone. But, if the module allows public and private sharing then it
doesn't matter and can work for everyone.

I really am not going to start the second module until I've migrated.


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