[drupal-devel] Dealing with spam (was rel=nofollow)

Chris Messina chris.messina at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 18:22:43 UTC 2005

FYI: Matt Mullenweg got back to me; I'll be meeting up with him today
to discuss this further. Here is his reply to my idea, echoing our
thoughts of a p2p xml-rpc solution:

> P.S. The other email I sent you from the Drupal-devel list has to do with coordinating an effort to build an open-source anti-spam killer that can be plugged into any OS CMS or blogware. We all love the work that's been done on Spam Karma and matches much of the work that's already gone into Drupal's spam.module. It really makes no sense for both projects to duplicate effort, so I'd like to work with you to pioneer possibly the first true multiple OS software cross-over project (that was a mouthful!). Lemme know what you think.

> Something to think more about. The next big thing coming out is a 
peer-to-peer semi-centralized method for sharing blacklists, it'll be 
over standard XML-RPC so once that's out I hope plugins can be developed 
for all the platforms, even wikis.

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