[drupal-devel] needed documentation for block module for 4.6

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Mon Jan 24 20:54:50 UTC 2005

>> Agreed,
>> I ran into this exact thing in the last 48 hours or so working on a 
>> patch for the block module and looking at block hooks in general.
>> A quick search shows that only block, forum and statistics core 
>> modules use 'configure' - so perhaps the rarity of its use kept it 
>> from being documented.
>> But knowing that you can add configuration options to a block would 
>> certainly be helpful for module contributors.
> IMO the update docs should instruct module authors to move block 
> settings into the "configure" page. It's best for consistency and 
> usability. Anyone have time to write the docs? ;)

It is already documented in the update guide (somewhat). What do you 
think that needs to be expanded upon?


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