[drupal-devel] Hook_settings() confusion

Gabor Hojtsy gabor at hojtsy.hu
Thu Jan 27 11:44:41 UTC 2005

> According to the API (http://drupaldocs.org/api/head/function/hook_settings)
> "This hook provides an administrative interface for controlling various
> settings for this module. A menu item for the module under "site
> configuration > modules" will appear in the administrative menu when this
> hook is implemented."
> However, in my mt-blacklist module I'm working on, I have defined the
> function, but there is no link anywhere on the menu for the admin. Nor for
> spam.module which also defines it.
> Directly entering the url to the settings page for the module however works
> fine.
> Any idea what I've missed?
> (4.5.2 install, CVS Spam)

It should be administer >> settings >> modulename, so I fixed the docs too.


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