[drupal-devel] Hook_settings() confusion

mike at fuckingbrit.com mike at fuckingbrit.com
Thu Jan 27 12:02:10 UTC 2005

>It should be administer >> settings >> modulename, so I fixed the docs too.

Yeah, sorry, should have noted that I realised it was the wrong place in
the docs and checked the right place. I have links for all /core/ modules
that implement it. But spam.module (which implements hook_settings) and my
blacklist module (which also implements hook_settings) do not show up in
this location.

The menu generation code is a bit complex for me to grasp in a 15 minute
peek when I should be working ;-) but I've been taking a look. It only
appears to call hook_menu for modules, never hook_settings:

  // Build a sequential list of all menu items.
  $menu_item_list = module_invoke_all('menu', TRUE);

spam.module and my module are both enabled just like blog and blogapi. If I
go directly to the URL for a module, admin/settings/spam for example, it
works, which would suggest that menu.inc is loading it in somewhere that I
couldn't see whilst looking, but not marking it as visible perhaps?

I can't really spend any more time looking at this today, better do some
"real" work I suppose. If anyone could explain to me why I'm not getting
spam.module or mine displaying, but am getting the core modules, it would



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