[drupal-devel] Module Review: spam_mtblacklist

Jeremy Andrews jeremy at kerneltrap.org
Thu Jan 27 22:50:15 UTC 2005

Hi Mike,

> > Contributions/modules/spam_mtblacklist
> >
> > Adds to the spam module, one new field in spam_custom, provides import
> > and updates of spam blacklists from the MT Blacklist project.
> Since the module is apparently only usefull together with the spam
> module it would be nice if it could either be integrated or at least
> distributed with Jeremy's spam module. This way we would avoid the "yet
> another module" thing.

It does make sense to distribute this with the spam module.  How about
creating a subdirectory in the spam folder?  Place the module, database
script, and a README.txt explaining what the module does, etc.  That will
mean that everyone who downloads the spam module will also get a copy of
the spam_mtblacklist.  (And is why a README is important, so people know
whether or not they want to install/enable it).

In other words, the module could go here:

Sorry, I've not had time to actually look at / try it.  ;)


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