[drupal-devel] Drupal foundation / non-profit

Chris Johnson chris at tinpixel.com
Sun Jul 3 05:35:21 UTC 2005

Kieran Lal wrote:
> CivicSpace Labs is now a non-profit organization.

> We are about as close a match to a Drupal foundation as you are going  
> to get.
> Does that work for you all?
> Kieran


Can you be a bit more precise?  Is CivicSpace Labs a non-profit only?  Or does 
it also have IRS tax-exempt status?  Does it constitute a charity for 
contributions, as a 501(c)3 organization would?  (I suppose I could go read 
the list of approved charities at the IRS site, but I think it's pertinent here.)

For myself, being able to contribute and deduct it from my taxes as an 
individual is a useful feature.  I'll contribute more money in such a case, 
since the government is essentially paying half the cost for me.

For business entities contributing to a Drupal foundation, it's not as 
complicated.  They only need to show it as a business expense and they can 
deduct it, non-profit or not.


Chris Johnson

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