[drupal-devel] Hello and SoC Proposal

Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Sun Jul 3 19:39:31 UTC 2005

> Other Drupal developers: there has been lots of discussion about file  
> issues lately. It sucks that the only way to "re-use" binary files  
> within Drupal is to link to them. Should we re-examine this for 4.7?  
> Maybe the Google Sitemap student can do some file API work?

Very fine suggestion.

> P.S. Robert -- http://www.planetsoc.com/ -- *nice* work!!!  However,  
> the link straight there from the Contributor Links is a little  
> confusing. 

Which link are you talking about?

Maybe have it link locally to the handbook, and link out  to
> Planet SoC from there? 

Didn't follow that either, though might be related to my previous question.

I'm also going to ask the docs team to make  a
> badge for SoC to rotate on the front page.

Super idea. Give these guys some spotlight.


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