[drupal-devel] Hello and SoC Proposal

Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 19:23:07 UTC 2005

Hi Fabiano --

Congratulations on being selected for SoC -- welcome aboard.

On 3-Jul-05, at 6:50 AM, Fabiano Sant'Ana wrote:

> I'm Fabiano Sant'Ana, working in a WebDAV Interface for Drupal in  
> SoC, may be you already know me from #Drupal at freenode.net (my nick  
> is wundo).
> You can read my proposal here: http://wundo.net/soc/
> Please comment and suggest changes.

Looks good. I have some suggestions/questions about the  
webdav_upload.module. Currently, files are attached to individual  
nodes. So, it would seem that the WebDAV view has to mirror this  
somehow. Would this appear as a "node" folder, filled with folders  
that have numbers that correlate to node IDs? Or a folder called  
upload (for the name of the module). This should be part of the work  
of designing the API.

It might be easier to work with the filestore2 module, because one  
node == one file. Yes, I know it doesn't use the file API, but it's  
the closest thing to document management that Drupal has.

Other Drupal developers: there has been lots of discussion about file  
issues lately. It sucks that the only way to "re-use" binary files  
within Drupal is to link to them. Should we re-examine this for 4.7?  
Maybe the Google Sitemap student can do some file API work?

Lastly: it would be good to have all proposals on Drupal.org, linking  
to the student's site/blog/whatever if they have one. Fabian -- I  
copy/pasted your proposal here -- http://drupal.org/node/26292 -- you  
can edit to fix formatting if you like.

P.S. Robert -- http://www.planetsoc.com/ -- *nice* work!!!  However,  
the link straight there from the Contributor Links is a little  
confusing. Maybe have it link locally to the handbook, and link out  
to Planet SoC from there? I'm also going to ask the docs team to make  
a badge for SoC to rotate on the front page.

Boris Mann

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