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Robert Douglass rob at robshouse.net
Thu Jul 14 21:24:43 UTC 2005

I like the idea of Drupal hosted developer blogs. Anyone with a CVS 
account gets one and can use it or not. If we're really lucky, we'll get 
Hani Suleiman[1] to convert to Drupal and start making fun of us instead 
of JBoss.

[1] http://www.jroller.com/page/fate/

Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
>>So far the talks. My personal priority lies with themes.drupal.org to get that 
>>up and running. So I will not put any more effort in this.
>>I already offered to host a drupaldevelblogs.org (or so) and I will do so, if 
>>we decide to leave (for the time being) the developers sites scattered. 
>>Leaving it scattered has its advantages too!
>>But that is all I will *do*. Code needs to be written, maintainers must 
>>volunteer, ideas must be made reality, and discussion is needed.
> It seems to be a much better idea to me to do a Drupal Planet so that
> developer blogs will get aggregated. So far the Drupal Talk feed does
> something similar but not in the sense of the other "Planet" sites out
> there. It does find more (which is not always a "problem"), but it does
> find less in some cases, not picking up on different Drupal developer blogs.
> Goba

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