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Boris Mann borismann at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 23:16:18 UTC 2005

On 14-Jul-05, at 3:31 PM, Robert Douglass wrote:

>> If you want a blog, set one up external to Drupal.org, and we'll   
>> create a Developer Blogs category in the aggregator. Best is if  
>> you  have a "Drupal" category, and we just syndicate that. If you  
>> apply  Richard Eriksson's aggregator patch [1], you'll even get an  
>> outgoing  feed of that category bundle.
>> [1] http://drupal.org/node/9167
> Feeds aren't nearly as good as the real thing. I think having the  
> content on-site (searchable, full text, comments, taxonomy) has  
> advantages. Bryght uses blogs very effectively even though you all  
> have personal blogs on external sites as well; think the same on  
> Drupal.

This whole discussion is also out-of-scope for the development  
list...let's take to Docs if you want to continue discussing.

OK, then I want to see it done right:
* anyone that wants a blog on Drupal.org applies for it (developer,  
documentation, marketing, etc.), and has their role upgraded to one  
that allows having their own blog
* apply a free-tagging vocabulary to blogs
* enable the "recent blogs" block

Some devil's advocate questions:

* a "real" blog allows for images. This also means giving all blog  
contributors image upload access (ideally with terms set to "none" so  
they don't show up in the galleries...).
* if there are a *lot* of blogs, there needs to be a way to "bubble  
up" the popular posts (by hits/by comments/by rating)
* there will need to be a stated and displayed policy that the posts  
are the opinions of posters only, not the Drupal community as a whole
* one link in a Drupal blog will have huge weight in terms of search  
ranking, so there is a lot of incentive to game the system

Did I mention enabling stories, putting them in a moderation queue,  
and having more article style content? Yes, I did, a couple of times,  
since this allows anyone to contribute, will lead to higher quality  
content, and allows for moderation before posting.

Boris Mann

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