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neil at civicspacelabs.org neil at civicspacelabs.org
Thu Jul 14 23:48:04 UTC 2005

On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 10:02:18PM +0200, B?r Kessels wrote:
> So, drupaldocs is clear, it is nice at drupaldocs.org but IMO it should be a 
> clearer part of the drupal family. Integration and eating dogfood are the 
> keywords.


> Blogs are a more complex thing. I believe we willnever get all developers to 
> blog there. about half of them have their own "sacred' home where they 
> already blog. So a combination of blog.module and an advanced 
> aggregrator/node_aggregator will server for this part.

I'll readily put my Drupal blogs on a central site (assuming it is
stable and looks nice) since I don't want to mix up personal webblogging
with techy stuff which some of my friends wouldn't want to see.

However, if I were starting a Drupal blog I'd like full control of the
Drupal install as a testing/demoing environment. Which of course
wouldn't work if we had multiple developers on the same Drupal install.

And there is the whole I'm not a blogger and don't have a blog [yet] thing.

Didn't someone, not in the "core drupal community," set up an aggregator
awhile ago?

> The CVS logs are nice on drupal.org but IMO are more developer -specific. And 
> this they really belong in the developer subsite.

If we were separating sites (I'm not sure if I am in favor of this or
not) I would think projects would have to be moved too (with download
and support requests left on the main site). SOme forums would be moved.

I think the best thing to do at this point might be to start a central
developer blog, on drupal.org or not, and see how developers use it and
let moving things happen as it becomes clear they are needed rather than
building out all the infastructure up front.

> So far the talks. My personal priority lies with themes.drupal.org to get that 
> up and running. So I will not put any more effort in this.
> I already offered to host a drupaldevelblogs.org (or so) and I will do so, if 
> we decide to leave (for the time being) the developers sites scattered. 
> Leaving it scattered has its advantages too!

In my brief exploration of that trendy webapp framework, Ruby on Rails
(RoR), I saw that almost everything is decentralized. The main website
for them is basically a central place linking out to many other places,
especially weblogs.

Something I will be thinking about as well is potential usability
problems with blogs, as seen recently on this list. And I hate the term
'blog' and variations of it.


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