[drupal-devel] Another ajax function: form_autovalidate()

Jeff Robbins lists at jjeff.com
Fri Jul 15 19:23:45 UTC 2005

A friend of mine works for iFilm and he was just showing me the AJAX 
functions for their registration form. It validates as you go:


Type in "robbins at jjeff.com" for the email address and see what happens. 
Also notice the sexxy CSS shaded textfields...

It occurs to me that Drupal could do pretty much the same thing with 
its registration form. But we'll need a new ajax function.
Something like form_autovalidate() that doesn't fire off until you 
actually exit the field (onblur).

This would also be a good place to do some brainstorming about other 
ajax/javascript functions. HTTPPost has been mentioned.

How about something like form_mastercheckbox() which would be a 
function that would create a checkbox that would check/uncheck all 
checkboxes of a given criteria within a form? (Good for admin/node!!)

How about collapsible columns or something to make admin/access a 
little more manageable.

Or a drupal_fade_element($trigger,$from_color, $to_color) function for 
real attention-getting drupal_set_message()es. Examples:

Sorry for all the long emails recently. Ever since I got addicted to 
crack, I've just got the f*ing greatest ideas in the world!!! ;-)

-Jeff Robbins

p.s. Should this actually be a feature request issue? It's seems a 
little too nebulous for that right now...

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