[drupal-devel] Image extension - Images made easy

Jose A. Reyero jareyero at wanadoo.es
Tue Jul 19 10:17:39 UTC 2005

Ok, patch for image module in http://drupal.org/node/27028

James Walker wrote:

> On 16-Jul-05, at 10:41 AM, Jose A. Reyero wrote:
>> What do you think?. - Walkah?
>> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/drupal/contributions/sandbox/jareyero/ 
>> modules/imagext/
> just had a quick glance... it looks ok. I'm not sure this  
> functionality really belongs in image.module itself, particularly  
> when this same functionality (and much, much more) already exists in  
> img_assist (quite elegantly, imo).
That is my point, "much, much more", which is usually ok for content 
editors, but too much for average users.

Whether this belongs to image module or not, I think this is just a nice 
add-on, and because of its simplicity and dependency on image.module, it 
doesn't really make sense to have a different module - I just got 
surprised how easily it could be implemented using image.module api.

> However, this is something that comes up quite frequently - i.e. "how  
> do I add images to my blog post" ... perhaps if image.module is  
> destined for core... this would be a nice "base" functionality to  
> accomodate this.
Yep, too frequently for me, people just want some *easy* way to add an 
image to their posts.

IMHO image module should definitely be in core, you just need to take a 
look at the "Top-20 most downloaded Drupal projects" list.

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> James Walker :: http://walkah.net/

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