[drupal-devel] User experience research plan for administration

Kieran Lal kieran at civicspacelabs.org
Fri Jul 22 21:13:34 UTC 2005

Hello, we have put together a team of professional user experience  
leaders and members of the Drupal and CivicSpace community to start a  
major push to improve the user experience of administration in  
Drupal.   I'd like to introduce Peter Van Dijck, author of  
Information Architecture for Designers and Bob Goodman a user  
experience professional and User Experience Network ambassador for  
Boston.   Peter and Bob will be advising us in this effort to improve  
Drupal administration.  Dries will be leading the effort for Drupal  
administration re-design and I'll be leading the effort for  
CivicSpace which is a distribution of Drupal with contributed modules 
(and much more!).   Charlie Lowe who heads the Drupal documentation  
team and is a lecturer at Purdue university will be advising with  
audience research, a discipline in which he has expertise.

Here is the general outline of the plan.

1) Conduct Audience research
1.1) Identify a subset of users for live voice interviews or email  

1.2) Based on the analysis of the the interviews above, create a  
broad survey for audience research.

1.3) Make a list of problem areas/goals of the redesign and prioritize.

2) Develop Information architecture for new administration interface.

3) Develop prototype interfaces and iteratively test with users

Dries will be traveling for the next few weeks so I'll be  
coordinating the audience research for both Drupal and CivicSpace and  
report progress back to him at a presentation in Portland.  Drupal  
currently has 31 modules and CivicSpace has over 60 so this is a long  
term project.   We will need help in many areas.  In particular, we  
are interested in people who can conduct voice interviews for around  
60 minutes to help in this first phase.  We require help with  
developing site maps, wireframes, flow diagrams, and functional  
notes.  Finally, we are going to require distributed video and audio  
capture set-up so that our usability testers can interact with users  
around the world and see in real time the issues users experience.   
People with skills in setting up video and audio capture can help.

Everyone if very excited about this project and we look forward to  
having broad participation with the community.

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