[drupal-devel] User experience research plan for administration

Sohodojo Jim salmons at sohodojo.com
Sat Jul 23 15:50:46 UTC 2005

Kieran Lal wrote:

> Here is the general outline of the plan.
> [snip]
> *1) Conduct Audience research*
> *[snip]*
> *3) Develop prototype interfaces and iteratively test with users  *
> [snip]  Finally, we are going to require distributed video and audio 
> capture set-up so that our usability testers can interact with users 
> around the world and see in real time the issues users experience.  
> People with skills in setting up video and audio capture can help.

    A daunting task indeed. I am sure your experts know of this 
commercial package, but it is worth putting on the table:


    TechSmith has been around for years, having grown their company from 
the success of Snagit, a screen capture utility. We regularly use 
Camtasia for streaming audio/slide presentations, etc. Camtasia is, bar 
none, brilliant and worth every cent even if you pay full price. As a 
non-profit R&D lab we got a discount. The educational discounts are even 

    Morae is more expensive than Camtasia by a factor of about four, but 
it is designed exactly for what you are describing above. I have never 
used Morae, but hope to someday soon as we'll be doing something similar 
to the above in our applied research. So while I cannot speak to Morae 
directly, I can say that Camtasia is brilliant and worth far more than 
it costs.

    --Sohodojo Jim--


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