[drupal-devel] Tight release cycles

Tim Altman web at timaltman.com
Tue Jul 26 13:31:44 UTC 2005

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005 15:24:12 +0200, Bèr Kessels <berdrupal at tiscali.be>  

> Op dinsdag 26 juli 2005 15:15, schreef Dries Buytaert:
>> I'm open for suggestions/discussion, and don't mind setting another  
>> date if that is favored.
> Maybe we should look at
> * what we have now, compare to 4.6
> * what we really cannot miss in 4.7
> And then set a date that is realistic when taken the last list in mind.
> I beleive we have more then enought somehow finished patches in teh  
> queue to
> get a fabulous 4.7 out of them. But IMO the only one that shuold go in  
> for
> 4.7 is "put revisions in own table". Acc to me t§he code freeze can take
> place after that. But suerly others have good patches that they need to  
> see
> in 4.7?

	I'd like to know if http://drupal.org/node/25756 will be considered for  
core.  If so, I'd like to try to get it in 4.7.

Tim Altman

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