[drupal-devel] more core comitters

Bèr Kessels berdrupal at tiscali.be
Thu Jul 28 16:51:05 UTC 2005


Steven already pointed out that the patch queue is growing fast. nearly ten 
pages, now. 
Yes, closing them helps, but I found that a lot of issues are actually very 
good. Some are old, some can indeed be closed, some wont apply, but the 
average sits there with one or two +1s in em. 

I think tha that indicates tha two core comitters is just too little to handle 
the flow of incoming patches. 

So hereby I wuold like to ask the following people if they wuold be interested 
in becoming core committers. And -off course- what everyone, specially Dries, 
thinks of more/these people as potential core contributors?

Gerhard, Moshe and John vanDyk.

Please do not feel offenced if i did not mention you :) I think these people 
are good candidates, because they have a lot of available time, and because 
they, IMHO, are very carefull and precise in reviewing patches. 

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