[drupal-devel] more core comitters

Tim Altman web at timaltman.com
Sat Jul 30 21:02:45 UTC 2005

On Sat, 30 Jul 2005 19:22:56 +0200, Dries Buytaert <dries at buytaert.net>  

> On 30 Jul 2005, at 18:28, Dries Buytaert wrote:
>> The patch is live on drupal.org.  What remains to be done is defining  
>> new status values.  Let's do that now.  Here are some that could be  
>> useful:
>>   1. Needs code review
>>   2. Needs testing
>>   3. Needs benchmarking
>>   4. Needs update/work
>>   5. Needs feedback
> OK, I setup 3 new categories:
>    1. patch (code needs review)
>    2. patch (code needs work)
>    3. patch (ready to be committed)
> We can refine or reword these later on.  Right now, all patches default  
> to 'patch (code needs review)' so we'll want to work our way to the  
> patch queue and update the patches according to the new fields.
> Thoughts?

	It's best that we start by examining the way we work to make the statuses  
work for us.  So, here's some of the common tasks related to project  
management at Drupal.org:

1) Report a bug or request an enhancement
2) Agree that a bug report is valid or that an enhancement is desireable
3) Agree to work on an issue
4) Demonstrate the direction of development to address an issue
5) Upload a patch
6) Review a patch
7) Commit a patch
8) Verify that a patch solved the reported problem or addresed the  
enhancement request

Thus, I propose the following statuses, each aligned to a task above:

1) New
2) Confirmed
3) Assigned
4) Demo
5) Patched
6) Reviewed
7) Committed
8) Verified

Tim Altman

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