[drupal-devel] Etiquette for webform.module patches -- can't reach maintainer

Pontus Ullgren pontus at ullgren.com
Tue Jun 7 14:30:17 UTC 2005

Syscrusher said:
> Good morning.

> I apologize for the bandwidth, but I'm stuck until I can reach the
> of webform.module.
Sorry about that. I've been away to do some "day-time" work and haven't
been very active looking thru the issue tracker.

> I had the good fortune a couple of weeks ago that my employer needed a
> of new features added to webform.module, some additional flexibility in how
> it generates the emails. So they paid me to do the code on company time,
> are willing (because we are an Open Source friendly company) to let me
> it under GPL back to the Drupal community. There's absolutely nothing
> to our application about these enhancements; in fact, they broaden
rather than
> narrow what the module can do.
Sound great ...

> It's not a lot of code, but I'd like to commit the changes to CVS. The
thing is,
> I've tried unsuccessfully to reach the maintainer listed for the
project. How
> long do I wait before I assume this module is dormant and just go ahead and
> commit? Or is there someone on this list who has taken over as
maintainer and
> just not put their name on the project yet?
Please open issues in the issue tracket with a attached patch file (mark
them as patches).
I will tend to them as soon as possible (maybe not to night but in a week
or so).

> I don't want to violate the rules of Drupal etiquette, so I'm asking before
> doing. But the code is not a conceptual pipe dream -- it's in production on
> my employer's web site right now -- so I want to contrib it back to the
> Advice?
Contact me thru the issue tracker or using my users at sourceforge.net email

> Kind regards,
> Scott
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