[drupal-devel] AJAX approach to free tagging (Multiple text Applicator)

David Carrington david.carrington at gmail.com
Tue Jun 7 17:13:51 UTC 2005

On 07/06/05, a f <fajerstarter at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Have you seen the Multiple Text Applicator at
> http://sparkcasting.com/assets/ajax/mta/ ?

After taking a quick look, it makes me curious if it is any faster
than the existing folksonomy input that is already available (in CVS
at least) using autocomplete - I doubt it. See attached image.

However, I can see the add/delete interface being helpful in other
areas. For example, adding new recipe ingredients (recipe.module)
would be easier using the kind of interface you've mentioned.

David Carrington
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